Earrings are the most used accessories by women around the world. They are practical and deliver beauty and femininity.

There are those who choose a subtle design, others choose larger versions. Either way, there is a right earring for every occasion. The choice can be even more assertive if you know how to identify which shape best suits your face type.

Identify your face shape

Just like the body, our face has a type of shape that must be identified. You can do a quick internet search to find yours. Accessories such as hats and earrings can further enhance your type of beauty if they create harmony with your face shape and personal style.

But there is a rule that serves as a basis for women to guide themselves in a simple way. Choose earrings made in shapes opposite to your face. So, if you have a rounder face, choose a round earring. If your face is triangular, choose a square, and so on.

Oval Face

It is the easiest format to combine. Remember the little rule above? It becomes an exception here because this shape accepts practically all earring styles.

This factor is interesting, as it even allows you to be more daring in your choices. But avoid very long earrings if your neck is shorter.

Triangular Face

In this case, the chin is generally more pointed and thin. Prefer large earrings, which give the feeling of layers and avoid the inverted triangle shape.

So, you can even choose a more elongated version with stones at the tip to make it look like the weight is concentrated downwards.

Square face

The secret to this face shape is investing in pendulum earrings that provide lightness and movement. This gives your face a lighter appearance.

Hoops, stars, and heart-shaped earrings are very interesting, as are oval ones. Medium-sized, drop-shaped earrings made of hollow metal can give a very elegant and modern look to a woman’s appearance with these characteristics. But don’t forget to avoid squares or very small ones, as they can give the feeling of unnecessary volume to your face.

Round face

Elongated, straight-length earrings are assertive here. Avoid earrings that are too small, round, or too close to your ears. Prefer asymmetrical shapes, as they will harmonize your face even more and give you a slimmer appearance.

Inverted triangle face

Also known as a heart-shaped face, they are characterized by a wider forehead with a narrower chin and jaw.

Try to soften the shape with earrings that are narrower at the top and have volume close to the chin.

Rectangular Face

Avoid earrings that add volume to the jaw area, as this shape has this area almost equal to the forehead. So, choose earrings in shapes that end before the chin with round or oval geometry.

Long face

It has rounded lines, a narrow jaw, and a shape that is longer than wide. To harmonize your appearance, choose medium to large earrings with greater volume in the horizontal area. Then double hoops or earrings with a braided metal effect represent good choices for you.

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