The lovely Mandy Moore married on weekends and married Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmit after three years of dating.


According to sources, the ceremony was “an intimate backyard wedding of the Mandy family, starting after sunset.”

How romantic?

The theme is a bohemian chic with carpets and feathery flower arrangements on the altar.

But the real reason we are here is to talk about this dress.

Mandy Moore walked up and down the aisle in a perfect pink ruffled dress.

To be honest, we are screaming.

Yesterday, Mandy went to Instagram with her wedding and shared a short film with her wedding.

Her smile shows everything, because she can see her and her new husband holding hands.


Now the picture is black and white, so you can’t fully figure out the details of the dress.

Fortunately, Mandy’s makeup artist released a picture of the right dress and then deleted it, but before a large number of people screened it, it didn’t…including us.

Taylor shared the same picture on his own social media with the title: “Well, this is fun.”

We have no doubts.

Congratulations to happy couples.

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