Kate Middleton’s off-the-shoulder dress snatched the spotlight during the latest Solo Royal Outing

Kate Middleton’s off-the-shoulder dress snatched the spotlight during the latest Solo Royal Outing

Now that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is over, she has returned to the spotlight and made a royal engagement. Unsurprisingly, since returning to the royal family, her fashion games have been as fashionable as ever. For example, this week, Kate Middleton visited a royal exhibition in an off-the-shoulder dress – not offending the museum, but her appearance was so fierce that it might have surpassed art.


According to reports, on Wednesday night, the Duchess visited the Victoria and Albert Museum to see its new photography center. For the outing, Kate chose a purple tweed dress with a length of 。. The dress features clever unfinished edges, a shiny button from top to bottom, a deep purple belt at the waist, and an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder neckline. According to the Sun, the dress was made by British designer Erdem and retailed for £1,295 ($1,708). According to reports, she wore a dress with gorgeous earrings, also produced by Erdem, with a retail price of $440.

Footwear added that Kate has paired her purple belt with a pair of plum velvet heels made by Jimmy Choo. In the classic Kate fashion, she combines the entire look with a clutch and chooses a small black box with a gold trim.

According to a post on Kensington Palace’s official Instagram account, Kate’s visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum is more than just a visit. The Duchess actually opened a new photography center for the museum and now has a collection of national photography art collections.

The exhibition is called “Collecting Photography: Taking Pictures from Silver: Digitization”, which shows the photos of the media when it was invented (according to Napoleon.org, which was in 1839) until modern, “USA Today” reported.

According to observers, Kate is the perfect choice to help open museums because she is actually the museum’s first royal patron. What’s more, Kate himself is a photographer. Since becoming a mother in 2013, the Duchess has been responsible for many of her children’s official royal portraits.

Having said that, Kate’s experience in photography is farther than the portrait of her child. According to Biography.com, Kate graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an honours degree in art history. According to the “Daily Telegraph” report, she also photographed her parents’ party planning business. In fact, Kate’s passion for art dates back to her college days, which explains why she has such a focus on fashion.

After returning from maternity leave, Kate Middleton’s first new look looks like something in the wardrobe of Meghan Markle.

After returning from maternity leave, Kate Middleton’s first new look looks like something in the wardrobe of Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton enjoyed royal maternity leave after giving birth to Prince Louis in April. Now that she has resumed her official position, she took some famous costumes from the closet to participate in royal activities.

In the past week, the Duchess of Cambridge has shown her recycling of her clothes by re-wearing a $50 Zara jeans and a lavender Emilia Wickstead dress.

On Wednesday, Middleton appeared at the Victoria and Albert Museum Victoria and Albert Museum opening ceremony, and she first introduced the first new look since her return from maternity leave.

The Duchess wore Erdem’s $1,940 Iman plaid dress with a maroon belt and velvet heels with autumn colors.

This Erdem dress has a slightly off-the-shoulder design and is reminiscent of an open neckline that has become a must-have item in the Meghan Markle wardrobe.

Middleton had to go through a neck-like dress before, but maybe this time she turned to her fashion scorpion to get some fashion inspiration.

Halsey puts her pink hair on her dress at the 2018 American Music Awards

Halsey puts her pink hair on her dress at the 2018 American Music Awards

Halsey may be “the bad guy in love,” but she is really good at the season of awards – and she sees “pink” from the 2018 American Music Awards ceremony.
The singer arrived at the awards show on Tuesday night to show the same pink dye work as her outfit. She matched her black and pink tie-dyed dress with a rose-colored bun, with short hair on both sides and a long overhead. She complements the look with shiny pink and purple eyeshadows, as well as creamy pink blush and lipstick that perfectly match her hair. She went to the red carpet especially with her boyfriend G-Eazy, who still wore the platinum nails he made his debut in the summer.
Considering that Halsey constantly changes her hair, it is no surprise that she will have a red carpet-like appearance, swaying bold and different things. Only this year, she wore her hairpins, from long blue dyes to full boos. Recently, she has been shaking her natural brown shortcuts.

Halsey wore a wig most of the time last year to make her shaved hair grow up, and posted a photo on Instagram in August showing the head full of curly hair. “New growth, new growth; all of this is getting out of the way,” she headed the shot. When some fans questioned whether she was really another wig instead of her real hair, she uttered on Twitter. “I can’t believe I spent a whole year growing up under my curly hair because you all said that my natural hair looks like a wig,” she wrote, adding, “Some people say Very good.” ”

Arphin Luyendyk Jr. Nuptials (exclusive) “Bachelor” Star Lauren Burnham dress

The 26-year-old blonde took part in the 22nd quarter, and 37-year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr. participated in the 2019 Summer JLM Couture wedding show by New York City designer Hayley Paige on Friday and chats with ET on all matters of the wedding. .

Burnham revealed that Paige will create a custom number for the January 12th wedding, which will be held at the fascinating Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii, with 120 guests – a historic sugar cane factory in a private estate surrounded by The lush greenery of the island.

“Girls dream of getting married in Hawaii,” Burnham said. “This is a beautiful destination wedding scene, I am very lucky.”

Social media stars and designers meet through Instagram. Burnham talks endlessly about Paige and their collaboration on dresses.

“I like her very much. We have very similar interests and styles. I am very young. She is very young. She likes to shine. I like to shine, so it works. She understands what I am looking for.”

This dress will exude the fairy tale theme of the wedding, and it has been a few months now. After two meetings, Burnham received a sketch of Paige, and her first renovation will be in early November.

“Oh, my goodness, this is great,” Burnham said. “She is amazing. I am really excited because she is great.”

Paige is also excited about this collaboration and wants to ensure that the bride has a personalized experience when looking for a partner.

“I really hope she has a say,” Paige said. “Because I think she and this position are very special. When you do this, I think you have a sense of style and know what you want. I think she has a lot of faith in everything, so I want to hear. She and her real favorite things. Picking up some bits and pieces from the existing collection, and then adding something new and exciting, which is unique to her. So she will have one one – Dress.”

Although the bride would not reveal too much about her future dress, she wanted to be “at the same time elegant and low-key”, but she did tease, “I would say it is a bit like a princess atmosphere, yes.”

As for Luyendyk wanting to see what he is about to become a wife?

“Arie doesn’t have much investment. He thinks that no matter what I wear, I will look beautiful. I think he used some spaghetti and tight things to take pictures of me, but I think many people think that I will choose so I may Will throw something unexpected.”

Burnham revealed that conservative wedding dresses have been difficult to save because her boyfriend has chosen his evening gown.

“I share everything with him. He is my best friend, so keeping a secret is really hard for me.”

The biggest question is: Will his predecessor be invited to the ceremony? I look forward to seeing some familiar faces because of her bachelor’s degree, including Seinne Fleming, Marikh Mathias and Maquel Cooper, who is one of her bridesmaids and will be by her side.

“This is a very special bond that many people may not understand,” Burnham said of their friendship. “The way we met was a bit weird, but since we have become very close to this show, I really appreciate it.”

Julia Louis – Dreyfus looks great in an off-the-shoulder black dress at the Cancer Charity Fundraiser

Her own breast cancer experience has made her an advocate for this cause.

On Sunday, Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave the theme of the 18th Annual Song and Dance Show of Les Girls at the Hollywood National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The 57-year-old Veep star looks beautiful and is wearing a black dress.

She paired this calfskin dress with sandals and high heels and combed her hair from her face.

The actress used black mascara, a lot of blush and shiny red lipstick.

The former Seinfeld star was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017 and shared the news the day after she won the Emmy Award for the sixth consecutive time for her work at Veep.

She underwent surgery and three rounds of chemotherapy, and now she says she wants to focus on the future.

“I really feel different, but I can’t express it clearly,” Julia told InStyle in an interview.

“I have already reached the other side, I am still not sure how to define the difference, except that I am very grateful, of course, but not only. She explained that it is even bigger. Joining Julia in the fundraising event is 57-year-old Lea Thompson .

The actress made a name for himself with the “Return to the Future” movie and the TV series “Caroline In The City”, which shocked a fun and sexy mini dress.

The red and white patterned figures have long sleeves, flared cuffs and a dramatic neckline that shows her cleavage.

Lea with white high-heeled ankle boots made her long blond hair loose around her shoulders.

For wedding guests who want to dress properly without spending money, renting a runway is the smartest way to live – how to use its services here

Choosing a piece of clothing to wear at the wedding is its own modern obstacle course, full of fantasy, blonde girl level restrictions: the neckline and hem are not too high or too low, the color is not too big or too close to white, and seasonal Appropriate people’s favorite but not exaggerated silhouettes.

The most important thing is the unfortunate fact that you may only wear this remake dress once or twice. You should either spend less on clothes you don’t like or spend too much on your favorite clothes. For those who have multiple weddings, the problem is complicated.

But fortunately, there is a solution: rent a runway.

Rent the Runway has recently been named one of the most devastating companies in the world, alongside epoch-making companies such as Uber, Airbnb and SpaceX. If you want to know how a clothing startup breaks the top 10, it’s because its highly successful designer clothing rental platform actually has the opportunity to change the way women shop.

The company is not a new invention; I have been using the site for eight years, from the ball to the wedding of my own friends, wearing designer dresses. If you haven’t heard of it, Rent the Runway rental designer’s clothing and accessories are sold by more than 550 designers at a fraction of the retail price.

Options include work, weekends and special occasions. It can help women reduce shopping, wardrobe space and textile waste – and also get expensive designer choices, eliminating the risk of wearing stylish but not timeless parts, and covering dry cleaning and timely customer service. Especially for wedding guests, this is a very useful service: a lot of choices, beautiful designer clothes you might look great, you need to consider a lot of customer feedback, and you don’t need to wear it once but forever The dresses are cheap. Fortunately, most models have a backup size option, an additional $32.50, and you can add a second style of one size as a backup.