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Leopard shirt and functional black skirt
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Leopard shirt and functional black skirt, cool and stylish.

Hello loves !!! Today I bring you tips on how to use leopard print animal print. I am in love with leopard animal print, because it is very stylish and elegant, this print is a fashion classic.  Animal print is by far the most glamorous print in your closet. One of the favorite patterns of …

polka dot fashion
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Why Has Polka Dot Fashion Been Popular for So Long?

How beautiful and classic are polka dots? This fashion trend that has accompanied us at least since the 30s of the last century is a great must-have, and it has been this way since Walt Disney made this pattern explode with the character of Minnie, only to be worn in the 50s and 60s by …

combination of silhouette suits and colorful silk scarves
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A Beautiful Combination of Silhouette Suits and Colorful Silk Scarves

A piece of clothing that is capable of immediately giving an extremely elegant air to every woman is the suit, whether it is made up of jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt. It is, in fact, a timeless item, to be kept in our closet in every season of the year. With the …