How you wear your yoga clothes can make or break your practice. Cosmolle knows this, so their yoga outfit sets are made of a range of high-performance fabrics that will keep you dry, comfy, and focused on your workout. This is because Cosmolle is using a blend of high-quality fabrics that promise utmost comfort.

All their yoga sets and other clothes are made with comfort and support in mind, so they’ve been extremely careful about the materials. So, let’s have a look at common materials that they are using!


This is one of the most commonly used materials by Cosmolle and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s common in other brands too. This is because the thong leggings or sports bras made from this fabric will promise better support during workouts and yoga sessions.

Cosmolle’s polyester blends are known for being able to handle being washed and worn over and over again, which makes them a great purchase for your yoga wardrobe. Many Cosmolle materials use polyester’s natural ability to do this, which keeps you cool and dry during your practice.


Spandex is an important part of yoga clothes that is often mixed with other materials like polyester or nylon. It is commonly used to make best yoga leggings because it has the perfect stretch you need to conceal the waist and tummy. Spandex fibers can stretch and recover very well, so you can do even the most difficult yoga moves with full range of motion.

Because Spandex is stretchy, clothes keep their shape over time, making sure they look good during your practice. This is why you can easily wash these clothes without having to worry about them losing shape.


Another important part of Cosmolle’s cloth blends, nylon is good for yogis. To be precise, the nylon fibers are strong and don’t wear down easily, which makes them perfect for sportswear that will be worn a lot. In addition, nylon clothes dry quickly, which keeps you comfy and keeps you from getting wet, especially during hot yoga classes.

More Than the Basic

Fibers like rayon, spandex, and nylon are what Cosmolle’s yoga clothes are made of, but they don’t tell the whole story. Here’s how Cosmolle makes these things better:

  • Fabric Blends: Cosmolle mixes these materials in certain amounts to make special fabrics, such as recycled nylon and high-intensity spandex layers. Each mix puts different needs first, like being able to breathe, lasting a long time, or having a comfortable hold.
  • SeamlessConstruction: Many Cosmolle yoga sets are made with seamless construction, which keeps you from chafing or getting irritated while you exercise.

You can find the perfect yoga outfit set to improve your practice and bring out your inner yogi if you know about the science behind the fabrics and Cosmolle’s approach to material innovation. The bottom line is that Cosmolle has used high-quality materials, so no performance or quality errors. So, the activewear is fabricate to last!

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