It’s important to ensure that your favorite pieces last longer, after all, these clothes are important for your personal collection, as they probably make you feel great when you wear them. Favorite clothes are the ones that if we could, we would have for life. Therefore, this article aims to teach you simple tips to take better care of your clothes and make the most of the benefits for longer.

Do I need to follow the washing instructions for each item?

It is definitely advisable that you do this. So, check the labels carefully to avoid making mistakes that could damage the fabric. You will understand that each type of clothing requires an ideal temperature, which washing cycle is recommended, whether it needs to be dried outdoors, or whether it can be put in the dryer, among others.

More delicate clothes usually need to be hand-washed to avoid tears and damage. But if you have a very busy routine, you can invest in a mesh bag to protect this type of thinner fabric like silk, for example, from damage in the washing machine.

Items with embroidery, stones, and other appliqués are generally best washed inside out. This protects them efficiently and prevents wear and tear on the details. One of the best options is to choose neutral soap. Some bleaches can damage clothing fibers. Pieces that have high elasticity and are intended for physical exercise, for example, almost always lose their ability to stretch with continuous use of fabric softener or dryer. So, avoid it if possible.

Is repairing clothes really that important?

Yes. Firstly, it shows total care in your personal dealings and, in addition, you will appear to be a more organized person who cares about adjusting the details. This not only talks about how you treat your clothes but also reveals a little about your responsible and active personality.

So, if your clothes have loose stitching, a hole, or a missing button, get it fixed quickly before the damage increases. Avoid stains, but if they do happen, it’s a good idea to remove them as quickly as possible. If you’re eating outside and you get sauce or a drink on your clothes, you can use sparkling water to try to soften the stain, but always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

In the same sense, wash clothes of different colors separately. Colored or black items can easily stain clothes with lighter fabric. In addition, you should also wash your clothes frequently to prevent dirt, pollution, and friction from damaging the fabric fibers.

Accessories can be villains for fabrics

You can cause permanent damage to your clothes through accessories such as belts, bag buckles, or jewelry that can snag, tear, or pierce your clothes. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when handling these pieces.

Furthermore, makeup contact with some items of clothing can also cause stains, so avoid contaminating the fabric with these products as well, especially if they are light in color. This way, you can make your favorite clothes last much longer and you can guarantee that you create pleasant looks that match your personal style. Finally, always dry the pieces in the shade. The sun can easily fade colors or damage some types of fabrics.

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