For those who want a smaller waist an hourglass figure or a flatter tummy, waist training is a good practice to achieve that.  It is a process of reducing the size of the waist and accentuating the curves using a waist trainer.  This garment is also known as waist cincher or corset and it is worn around the waist. Waist trainers can help to give a smoother figure and a more defined waist.

It is recommended to wear a waist trainer daily for a slimmer waist and flatter tummy. Over a period of time, the constant compression of the midsection will help to shift the tummy. Wearing this shapewear garment can also help one to stay motivated and be on track with fitness goals. The more one wears the best waist trainer, the faster is the result. For a beginner, wearing a waist trainer for at least an hour a day and then gradually increase the duration.  In just a few weeks, you should be able to feel confident by wearing a waist trainer all day.

When worn during a workout, it will be able to complement your waist slimming or weight loss plan. When you wear a waist trainer, especially during exercise, it will stimulate heat and perspiration in the core. This will increase fat burning in the midsection and slims the waistline. For the best results, you can wear the waist trainer while performing a variety of workouts like strength training and cardio.

Best Beginner Workout Waist Trainer 2022

If you are interested in waist training, ahead are some of the highly rated waist trainers from Shapellx, a leading online retailer that specializes in a wide array of premium quality shapewear pieces such as full bodysuits, thong shapewear bodysuits, high waist shaping pants, seamless panties, waist trainers and more.

NeoSweat® Ultra Compression Waist Belt

This high compression waist cincher features an adjustable hook and eye closure that instantly shrinks the waistline so you can look and feel your best in your favorite outfits. It has a targeted compression strap and three levels of hook and eye closure to create a strong and secure fit as well as give support to the back. The outer layer of the waistband comes with elastic pockets and it also has 9 steel bone structures for better tummy control and waist shaping effect.

NeoSweat® Waist Trainer with Double Belts

This curve-creating waist trainer features a double belt that offers extra firm compression and a customizable fit with two adjustable straps. Made with high-quality polyester and latex, this plus size waist trainer is perfect for your body and stays snug no matter the intensity of the workout. It also features nine flexible steel bones that offer support and anti-rolling effect.

NeoSweat® Body Shaping Wrap Belt

Another popular waist training method is to wear a body shaping wrap belt that is also known as a workout band. This sporty form fitting compression belt is worn around the waistline during exercise to burn extra calories and slim down the tummy fast. It increases the body temperature and stimulates sweating which helps to reduce fat and detoxify. Made with high-quality neoprene fabric, it has good elasticity and will not curl after pulling. 

NeoSweat® Waist Trainer with Detachable Rubber Strings

Maximize your workout and look at the same time with this waist trainer. It instantly shrinks the waistline so that you will look and feel your best in your favorite outfits. It has a detachable velcro compression strap that is provides an additional compression level and can be easily adjusted according to the waist size. It features 9 rubber bone design that will prevent the edges from rolling and will also help to strengthen the role of waist shaping, back support, and tummy tuck.

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