If you are a little concerned why your waistline is still not reduced despite working out several times a week or going on a healthy diet, then you may want to check out a waist trainer. Also known as waist cincher, a waist trainer is like a modern-day corset and is worn around the waist. While women may waist trainer or a daily basis underneath their clothes when they are going out with friends or to work, a waist trainer is most effective when paired with a workout routine.

New Split 3 Strap Waist Wrap Belt Tummy Trimmer Control Shaper

Wearing a waist trainer for at least 8 hours a day or during workout is known as waist training. A waist trainer can help shape your figure and lose fat around the waist line. This compression garment provides firm hold for your midsection and can visibly reduce your waistline up to several inches while stimulating thermal activity and perspire in your core. There are 2 different types of waist trainers, one made of neoprene and one made from latex. A neoprene waist trainer is lightweight compared to a latex waist trainer and it is worn during exercise to amp up the workout intensity. It is more stretchable and easier to expand.

Ahead are several good waist trainers to wear during workout.

Neoprene Double Belt Waist Trainer

If you want to take your waist training to the next level, then this high compression waist trainer is the one. It has double belt and front zipper that offers extra firm and customizable fit around the waist. This neoprene waist trainer is great for waist sculpturing and shaping.

Rose Red Neoprene Sauna Waist Trainer Double Belts Plus Size

Black 11 Steel Bones Neoprene Waist Trainer Flatten Tummy 

This waist trainer wholesale features a three-layer fabric and 11 flexible steel bones to keep the hourglass shape in check while offering posture correction. It instantly sculpts the figure, dramatically slims the midsection and enhances the natural curves. This waist trainer is also available in leopard print.

Black 11 Steel Bones Neoprene Waist Trainer Flatten Tummy

Latex Tummy Waist Wrap Band

Made with a mix of latex and polyester, this tummy waist wrap band will ramp up thermal activity and cause more perspiration around the tummy, sides and back. This fitting compression belt offers support to give a more confident posture. Featuring 6 pieces of segmented hook and loop fasteners, the tightness level is adjustable and is a great band to wear if you want to dive into the waist training workouts even faster.

Black Latex Tummy Waist Wrap Compression Band Abdominal Control

Zip Up Latex Waist Trainer

You will definitely love your curves in this latex double belt waist trainer. It is as beautiful as it is functional. Made with comfortable and breathable fabric, its moisture-wicking material will keep you dry during workout. 

Rose Print Latex Waist Trainer Double Belts Highest Compression

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