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Hope so. Today we’re going to talk about the shoes you need to have in your closet to wear in 2023. Yes, the selection is made thinking about your day-to-day life and also the days you need to celebrate by going to a party. So stay tuned we’re going to talk about many types of shoes today.

1. Slippers

The first thing I’m going to bring you today is none other than our flip-flops, they help us survive our day-to-day with great delicacy and comfort. Flip-flops are a great choice both in 2023 and in the years to come.

Remembering that there are several brands of flip-flops and you can still choose the one that best suits your style, which can be more delicate or simple depending on how it is shaped.

2. Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are a great option for those who need comfortable and beautiful shoes for any occasion, whether going to the market, going to a party or even staying at home all day.

As it is an option with a lot of versatility, it is a great option for the year 2023 and you need to have at least one of it in your closet to use it in several places. They are also great because they are airy, leaving no undesirable smell.

3. High Heel Opened

Open heels are great for a more casual choice for a party, for example, and you have a shoe that can also be used at work, depending, of course, on the service you perform.

This is a super fashionable option that will be useful for creating many looks and would definitely be on this list to further complete the possible shoe options for 2023.

4. Tennis

Did you think tennis would be left out? Of course, I couldn’t forget an item that completes any look, even if you want to wear it with a skirt, it looks beautiful and wonderful.

Sneakers are the most comfortable way to go for walks, fairs and even parties, as nowadays there are an infinite number of possibilities and styles. I confess that if my closet couldn’t be missing something, of course it would be sneakers.

5. High Heel Closed

To close this post with a flourish, we could never leave out of this list the closed heels or pumps that are more pointed in the front and that have all the class for those who want to go to a party or even wear them with a dress on their day to day. day.

It makes everyone who wears it a little taller, as it clearly has heels, but nowadays there are bigger and smaller heels. So, if you are still not used to these heels, you can start with those that are smaller and then move on to the bigger ones that are also a luxury.

So today are these indications of fashion shoes that all women need to have in their closets for this year 2023 to definitely complete and make their looks look incredible every time they dress.

Comment there which ones are your favorites and which ones are still missing for you to acquire and make your closet more complete. See you next time!

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