Historical Jewish costumes contain many of the dresses in CJM’s “invisible meaning”

Historical Jewish costumes contain many of the dresses in CJM’s “invisible meaning”

The current exhibition of contemporary Jewish museums, Veiled Meanings, is a striking argument that historical Jewish costumes are the world’s dress.

This roving exhibition is from the collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The curator Heidi Rabben has a new vitality. He organizes textile design and clothing according to the geographical area and loosely tracks the route of the Silk Road. The photo of the person wearing the similar clothes, as well as the stop motion animation of the stylist’s slim model in the more complicated warp and veil, added a fresh vitality to the exhibition.

People expect this dress to be beautiful, but a wide variety of clothing – a lot of 19th century Tunis trousers, Indian wedding sari, ikat dyed Uzbek coat – surprised me. These visual and tactile manifestations of Jewish diaspora tell the story of how people travel through time and space, the regional style adopted and maintained, and the clothes that are passed down as a life record.

Please note: If you leave the museum and have a strong interest in your own loose pants, I should not be blamed.

On January 6, 2019, the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco exhibited “Shadowing Meaning: Fashion Jewish Costumes, Collections from the Israel Museum of Jerusalem.” Click here for details.

Priyanka Chopra wears Georges Chakra’s feather dress for her bachelorette party

Priyanka Chopra didn’t play with her bride style. The actress hosted her bachelor party on weekends and she went out for her big night out.

Chopra wore a white dress and wore the braids of Georges Chakra, covered in nude beads on beads, sequins and feathers. Although the close-fitting midi dress fell on her lap, the scorpion fell to the floor like a feather.

Priyanka brings Instagram to show off the luxurious look, she uses white pumps and Boss snow white faux fur coat. “World Featherweight Champion… #Bachelorette #FauxNotFur,” she wrote in the title.

Turner was even excited about Chopra’s performance in the Instagram story. “The bride’s goal,” she gave a headline to one of the photos. The power of the game star is engaged with Priyanka’s fiance Nick’s brother Joe Jonas.

White feathers are a recurring theme in the Chopra Bridal Wardrobe. Earlier in the single girl celebration, the actress wore a furry sweater dress with socks, snakeskin boots, cream coat, oversized square glasses and baby blue handbag.

During her breakfast at the Tiffany-style bridal shower in New York City last week, she wore Marchesa’s strapless gown, which was completely covered in feathers. She is wearing nude Christian Louboutin pumps and of course Tiffany & Co. Jewelry as the fête of the BlueBoxCafé.

How to dress up like Sarah Bailey: continue, give yourself a winter wow

Mercury has fallen, I admit: I am relieved. Finally this is the weather of the sweater!

After more than 20 years of fashion work, I don’t think I can remember better time to buy knitwear, but the anger is that the weather is too mild, actually not.

The runway set the tone: the mohair V-neck in the 80s, Miu Miu’s inflated sleeve leather; the redesigned Fair Isle pullover with Erdem’s starchy white shirt and sequins; the Gucci oversized Argyles; you can be in Christopher Kay A wonderful crystal dress was found on the dance floor of Christopher Kane.

This new fashion knitwear is no longer focused on providing a soft and useful insulation layer. We are talking about the equipment manufacturer’s work; the style statement itself is one. In short, if you have a jumper you can wear a cocktail bar, or impress at an important meeting, you, my friend, you met a Wow Knit.

I know what you are thinking. knitwear? Hey. My current collection includes some cashmere sweaters and a happy Christmas design (office gatherings only), and I have so far obtained these designs safely from moths. Do I need anything else?

The answer is: Yes, you do it.

Today’s Wow Knits in the store is not only equipped with Transformers, but also emotional lifts (I guarantee). However, as always, careful choice is worthwhile because the best option can be as much as a good coat.

Supersized is the weaving trend of the season, there are so many big, you actually have trouble wearing them.

Choose a Crayola shade, such as Zara’s zingy burnt orange numbers (£39.99, zara.com) or Essentiel Antwerp’s rich emerald jumper (£185, essentiel-antwerp.com), and paired with slim black jeans and chunky heels .

There is nothing more real than the cloak.

There is nothing more real than the cloak.

His wearing a cloak is the ultimate motivation. Nothing can say “I am a gorgeous autofocus” like a piece of fabric that flows over you wherever you go. The cloak makes their wearer an angel, the royal family and gives all power; no other piece of clothing will make you feel like you have dreamed of becoming an extraordinary superhero. When someone asks you this question, “what do you want to do when you grow up? ?”

There is also a cloak dress? It saw what the cloak brought – and lifted it.

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There is no denying that wearing a cloak is another thing. It will make you a blind man. (You know, the person who decided to wear a cloak to a restaurant or bar or someone else’s birthday party.)

But the cloak dress allows you to avoid the responsibility of the cloak. It provides an excuse: “I found this dress I really like, and it happened to be wearing a shawl.” You didn’t choose to enter the cloak, you chose to wear it – the cloak came.

The cloak dress lets you have your cloak – and behaves like a normal, well-adjusted, totally unconventional person.

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Fortunately, our favorite designers and retailers have begun to understand the great value of cape dresses, and they use them directly to shower us.

Duchess Meghan recycles navy clothing at New Zealand reception

Duchess Meghan recycles navy clothing at New Zealand reception

The Duchess Megan liked the dress very much, she wore it twice.

Megan took a page from the clothing recycling book of the Duchess Kate, and re-wearing a navy suit, another event last year may make people shine.

On the 15th of the 15th, the Duchess Megan and Prince Harry attended a reception hosted by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, where they will perform a royal joint tour in Australia and the South Pacific.

The Duchess of Sussex wore a navy sleeveless dress, an asymmetrical hem designed by Antonio Beradi, who had previously passed through the Audi Polo Challenge in May 2017.

The royal mother in preparation for the spring of 2019 will wear this dress with beige pumps, a navy clutch and loose waves.

Prince Harry used a navy costume to match Megan.

The Duke and Duchess of Saxus met with people in Auckland earlier Tuesday after they participated in a fool-like toss competition and visited a charity that supported children with parents in prison.

The couple completed a 16-day tour on Wednesday. They arrived in Australia earlier, Fiji and Tonga arrived in New Zealand on Sunday.

How will Claire Underwood dress up as the chairman of the Solitaire House?

“Information is, yes, I am a woman, but I am your president,” Kemal Harris said. House fashion designers (and actress Robin Wright’s personal stylist) are explaining the information behind Claire Underwood’s wardrobe, as it will appear in the sixth and final season of the Netflix show. Since the third season, Harris has been committed to transforming the rapidly rising political status of the character from the First Lady to the Presidential Ambassador. Harris said: “We joked that Claire had loaded these clothes in her closet after graduating from college, hugging them every night or smelling them, and said, ‘One day I will wear you’.” ‘One day I will be the president.'”

But how did Harris transform this power, determination and attention into Underwood’s clothes, especially considering her new role as a leader in the free world? “During the Second World War, I took a lot of female photos and photos in the army,” Harris said, and she pulled out the tailored French cuffs. For those people, she added a custom-made iconic cufflink with a presidential seal on it, replacing the more anticipated American flag pin. “Most presidents have unique, individually designed cufflinks,” she said. “You can collect them for years. I found this very attractive.” So Harris used the White House gift shop to create a prototype for Underwood. “I designed all of her dresses and jackets so that there are some changes in the French cuffs, so we can have this cufflink on almost every item. This is a recognition of the past president, but it has changed. ”

This season, Underwood will be wearing black, olive green or presidential blue clothing, working with Brooklyn tailor LaVonne Richards. “Everything fits an inch of his life,” she said. “You can clearly see the image of women.” Harris and Richards together created a striped brief trousers for the cabinet meeting, midnight blue jacket and casual uniform. The latter is also based on the historical presidential dress: a crisp white button-down shirt, French cuffs, a pencil skirt or some ready-made discoveries. “Balenciaga pants, Céline’s black satin trench coat from Phoebe [Philo],” Harris said.

Go forward and dress your chicken for Halloween

Go forward and dress your chicken for Halloween

KUTV reports that if you want to dress your chicken on Halloween, the CDC hopes you know that you are making your eggs fly very well. In a practical press release aimed at pacifying those people whose Halloween plans are in a moody upset, the government health agency said, “Despite the news reports, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not issue warnings about clothing poultry – although it did provide Some tips for safe handling of chickens. These tips include washing your hands after touching the birds, avoiding kissing or snuggling them and then touching your mouth. Sorry, chick. Continue, the United States.

Yes, Meghan Markle is wearing a dress with a label, no, this is not a big deal.

Yes, Meghan Markle is wearing a dress with a label, no, this is not a big deal.

Meghan Markle just went out to join Prince Harry with their royal tour in Tonga, and it looks wonderful from Self-Portrait in a red dress.

The problem is that the label is still on the clothes and very noticeable, which certainly technically makes this similar to the Duchess’ wardrobe failure – meaning the internet has a lot of criticism that I won’t bother sharing. why? Because this is really not a big deal for all of us!

Meghan looks great in any way, and the color of FYI is exactly the same color as the Tonga flag, which marks how thoughtful the Duchess and her team are on her wardrobe during this tour.

Also, since you may need to own this item as soon as possible, please note that it is a Self-Portrait pleated red midi dress. Again, it’s a cute label or no label, so please forgive me when I buy it now (and purposefully keep the label supporting Meghan), forever goodbye!

Does the dress code stipulate the success of your company?

When I stared at my closet trying to decide what to wear, all the comments on the work clothes looked like cartoon bubbles. Do I listen to those who say that they are successful? Do I listen to the impressions of those dressed? Do I listen to those who say that they are going to improve? Or am I just wearing it to express it?

My closet feels overwhelming.

Let me take a step back and start from scratch. I read that nearly three-quarters of the “most suitable companies” in the UK have formal business dress requirements. I shared this on the Internet, asked people about their reactions and thoughts, and was surprised – I hardly know the feelings and intensity of how people should (or should not) dress up for work.

Is the litigation order respected?

One respondent caused a lot of attention and controversy. He said that if you wear a suit, people will trust and respect you more. My immediate thought is that this is not true. It’s not like the superhero we wear in our clothes (suits), miraculously have the “power” to be trusted or respected. If it works in this way, we will only provide all managers and leaders with the role that suits them being hired or promoted to them, and hey: their superhero power will appear.


Leaders gain the trust and respect of their employees by sharing and living company values, communicating in an open and honest manner, having their own mistakes and being brave enough to look at their own things.

Does it look smarter to make you smarter?

A branch of this comment is that you need to look smart. Some people think that you have to wear a suit to achieve this goal, while others think you personally think “what” means to you. Personally, I am a fan of the latter, because I have turned to less formal clothing in the existing company, I have seen – and feel – if you don’t wear a formal suit, you can really wear and be smart . However, if I am completely honest, sometimes I will wear a suit or a beautiful dress at a large event because it gives me more confidence to perform in front of a large group of people. people. However, my co-authors and colleagues wore uniforms in his jeans and T-shirts, no matter what time and place he said, he was one of the smartest people I knew.

Is this the most daring ensemble of Megan?

The pregnant Duchess drew a thigh-shine maxi skirt from the fashion American brand reform because she used a conservative cut to ease the style of the pregnant woman.

After wearing a thigh flash dress on Fraser Island, the Duchess of Sussex has stepped out of one of her most daring ensembles.

The 37-year-old Megan wore a reformist “pineapple” dress because she and Harry explored Australia’s tourist attractions – Monday’s temperature reached 24 ° C – with Prince Harry.

This marks the dramatic departure of Meghan, who has been leaning towards a more conservative wardrobe during the first trimester of pregnancy.

However, Australia’s mild climate – and the fact that she no longer hides baby bumps – may be a more relaxing way for Meghan.

At £166.56 ($218 / $305.91), this lightweight, striped figure features a bold thigh split, lace-up waist and cami lace-up style.

The Duchess’ linen dress was fastened to the thigh to avoid excessive skin flashing, and she paired the cotton number with Sarah Flint’s lace-up sandals and Karen Walker’s sunglasses.

The American brand Reformation has many well-known fans, including Karlie Kloss, Sienna Miller, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and even Princess Beatrice.

So far, the appearance of Monday is a far cry from Megan’s maternity style, and she has seen her choice of ankle skirts, long sleeves and high collars.

In fact, this is the ultra-conservative, well-structured Givenchy jacket she wore at the Princess Eugenie’s wedding earlier this month, the first rumor of pregnancy.